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Project Summary

7-10 MW Commercial Solar Farm - Due Diligence
Ontario, Canada
<p>Conducted a due diligence assessment of proposed solar PV generation opportunities for Peterborough Utilities. The deliverables included:<img src="images/projects/SolarGermanyJanFeb09FT.jpg" alt="" width="240" height="320" align="right" /></p><ul><li>Review of two vendor proposals (European &amp; American) on the basis of:&nbsp;<ul><li>suitability of the proposed solar PV modules;</li><li>tracking system and other equipment; </li><li>completeness on the scope of work;</li><li>reasonableness of the energy production estimates;</li><li>proposed cost.</li></ul></li><li>Review of capital cost budget and identification of additional cost items or unreasonable cost estimates compared to industry benchmarks for capital costs of solar PV projects of this scale;</li><li>Review of operation and maintenance budget and identification of typical O&amp;M requirements and costs compared to industry benchmarks;</li><li>Identification of advantages and disadvantages of project location in terms of available land, grading requirements, proximity to point of connection to Hydro One, security measures and costs; </li><li>Review of financial model and identification of financing options likely to enhance economic return of the project;</li><li>Identification of the technical, financial and operational risks associated with this project and solar PV projects in general in the current market environment;</li><li>Review of international and Ontario solar markets, highlighting installed capacity, governmental subsidies and other factors contributing to accelerating implementation of utility-scale projects. </li></ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Completion Date: ven, 07/10/2009 - 00:00