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Clean Energy

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We provide a complete range of clean energy project management services relating such as:

  • Due Diligence and Feasibility
    • Pre-feasibility studies (larger renewable energy projects)
    • Detailed Feasibility Analysis for either power projects or vehicle fleet electrification (technical, regulatory, organizational, environmental, economic..)
      • Technical
        • Technical site assessment (logistics, topography, accessibility, grid connection), option analysis
        • Resource assessment (wind, solar, biomass, ground source heat)
        • Preliminary design
      • Technological
        • Identifying project and equipment requirements
      • Regulatory
        • Identify all applicable regulations
      • Economics
        • Detailed cost estimates
        • Financial analysis
        • Computer technical/economic modelling analysis with tools such as RETScreen, Homer Energy Pro, System Advisor Model, and many others 
        • Financial engineering
      • Risk analysis and assessment (qualitative and quantitative, risk mitigation strategies)
      • Report preparation
  • Project Financing
    • Structure funding mechanisme
    • Source equity and debt financing
    • Negotiate and finalise financing contracts
  • Project engineering
    • Technological option analysis
    • Detailled design
    • Engineering diagrams
    • Preparation of all required documentation
  • Project Development
    • Planning and controlling complex projects
    • Apply for permits (connection and various approvals), dealings with regulators to obtain all compliance authorisations
    • Procurement of equipment: Sourcing of equipment and assistance to setup agreements with suppliers. Do all work required to identify and select project EPC and sub-contractors (installers, engineers, architects..)
    • Negociations of energy contracts and PPAs with uptakers
    • Training and certifcation of installers for quality assurance
    • Development of project plans and project charters using state of the art Project Management tools and software
    • Development of Quality Assurance plans
    • Project risk monitoring and management for energy projects
    • Decommissioning and/or re-powering plans

Note: Our project management approach is based on advanced techniques from Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), and combines the appropriate Development Life Cycle, a careful selection of the best methodology approach choosing among, Agile Development, Incremental Development (spiral model). Our processes are inspired from the best practices recommended by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the International Standard Organization (ISO) 9000 series and Total Quality Management (TQM).

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