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We provide assistance to developers and various types of commercial, industrial or institutional energy users and cover a complete range of technologies.   

Renewable & Clean Energy Project Development:

  • Solar photovoltaic (off-grid, grid connected, roof top, land based or floating solar)
  • Fully electric and hydrogen-electric vehicles for public and corporate fleets,
  • Skyway electric elevated trains for high speed low cost urban and intercity passenger and goods transit
  • Development of electric bike sharing programs
  • Development of electric ferry boats and long distance hydrogen/electric ships
  • Solar water heating (solar domestic hot water, commercial and industrial applications, solar hydronic floor heating)
  • Bioenergy projects (district heating, biogas)
  • Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration and Trigeneration)
  • Ground source heat pumps (residential, commercial/institutional)
  • Residential or commercial wind (from small residential wind turbines to large wind farms)
  • Small and Mini hydro (up to about 50 MW)
  • Solar air heating (pre-ventilation, process heat)

     Renewable Energy Project Services

    • Pre-feasibility studies (larger renewable energy projects)
      • Site assessment
      • Resource assessment (wind, solar, biomass, ground source heat)
      • Technical feasibility
      • Due diligence
      • Full scope feasibility studies (technical, organizational, environmental, economic..)
      • Financial feasibility
      • Option analysis
      • Preliminary design
      • Computer technical/economic modelling analysis with tools such as RETScreen, Homer Energy Pro, System Advisor Model, and many others 
      • Detailed cost estimates
      • Engineering diagrams
      • Financial engineering
      • Report preparation
      • Project engineering
      • Training of project resources
    • Project Development
      • Assistance with sourcing and structuring financing
      • Procurement of equipment
      • Sourcing of equipment and assistance to setup agreements with suppliers
      • Negociations of energy contracts and PPAs with uptakers
      • Dealings with regulators to obtain all compliance permits
      • Training and certifcation of installers for quality assurance

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